Travel is an escape from the worries of everyday life.

But only if you don’t pack them along with you

Enjoy travelling safe in the knowledge that you thought ahead. We can help free you of the worries of trip cancellation or unexpected medical expenses.

Go ahead, take the sporty one.

Did You Know?

If you get sick or injured while travelling anywhere outside of Alberta, the government health care plan provides only limited coverage for medical treatment and hospital costs outside of expenses. Such as ambulance services, emergency dental treatment, and prescription drug costs may not be covered by some provincial health insurance plans.

Without travel insurance, a broken arm, even something as basic as the flu could turn into substantial medical bills costing thousands of dollars.

Some credit cards provide basic travel insurance, but you must read the fine print to find out exactly what’s covered, under what conditions, and what the limits are. Many credit cards have very low coverage limits. The coverage may apply for a limited time period, or be available only to a certain age. Credit card coverage is also usually only applicable if the trip is paid for with your credit card.

Third party travel insurance cannot cover Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption or All Inclusive policies if purchased with AirMiles points

If you plan to travel even twice per year it is more economical to purchase a multi-trip plan.


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  • Coverage cannot be bound unless you have spoken to a broker and have confirmation; By providing your personal information you are authorizing a background check
  • BBI strongly recommends $5 Million Liability limit
  • Mid-term cancellations will generate fees
  • It is your responsibility to understand and maintain your policy and coverage

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