When accidents occur, it can feel as if time has stopped.

Unfortunately, the world continues to speed on.

Berk Bilgen provides personal auto policies which feature loss of use coverage, ensuring you are able to carry on at the pace of life while your car is repaired or you shop for a replacement.

Personal Auto Insurance

All policies provide mandatory coverage as required by law. We also recommend you consider the other options we provide and how they suit your needs.

Mandatory Coverage

Third-Party Liability — Covers you if you are considered responsible for unintentionally injuring someone or damaging their property.

Accident Benefits Coverage* — Provides coverage if you don’t have personal health benefit coverage and weekly pay benefits for lost time from work.

*limits apply

Recommended Optional Coverage

All Perils Coverage — Protects you from all combinations of perils, including those covered under collision and comprehensive coverage and damage to your vehicle caused by flooding.

Collision or Upset Coverage — Protects you from costs to repair damages to your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident with either another vehicle or an object like a tree or building.

Comprehensive Coverage — Protects your car against risks that are not covered by Collision Coverage, such as vandalism, theft, animal or windshield damage requiring fixing or replacing.

Specified Perils Coverage — Protects you from specific perils including fire and theft.

Accident Forgiveness — First at-fault loss is waved, as if it never happened.*

Replacement Cost to Newly Purchased Vehicle — Provides purchase price or MSRP for the first 30 months* from date of purchase or 5 years from date of purchase** for vehicles which are written off, or stolen and not recovered.

Ticket Waiver ** — No premium increase on your first ratable ticket.

*must qualify
**not available with all markets

Basic Auto Discounts

We offer discounts for good driving records and other incentives. See if you qualify below!

Accident Free — If you have been accident-free for 6-9 years.

Conviction Free — If you have received 0 tickets in the past 3-5 years.

Multi Vehicle — If you have two or more vehicles on the same policy.

Product Bundling/Combining — If you have both Home and Auto insurance through same insurer.

Anti-theft — If your vehicle has an approved after-market anti-theft system or etching.

Hybrid or Electric Vehicle — If your hybrid or electric vehicle is recognized by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

This is not an inclusive list.

Did You Know?

Automobile Customization or modifications – Vehicle alterations, such as enhancements for performance or appearance, may not be approved by your insurer for coverage. For example, a change from the manufacturer’s original specifications that is designed to enhance the vehicle’s performance could lead to a refusal. If you plan to modify your vehicle, call us first! We’ll let you know if the changes could have an impact on your policy.

If you have been convicted of auto insurance fraud in the last 10 years, or were involved in any fraud or misrepresentation, this could affect the likelihood of your obtaining insurance.

Your policy may be nullified (void) and your claim payment denied if: you misrepresent or omit to disclose any facts and relevant matters known to you which are likely to influence an insurer in the setting of the premium, the appraisal of the risk, or the decision to cover the risk; you do not promptly notify the insurer of any changes that increase the risk specified in the policy and result from events that are likely to influence the insurer in setting the premium, or deciding to continue to insure the risk, for example, failure to disclose that the vehicle has been altered or modified or drivers not on a valid operator license.

Non-payment or stop-payment of the policy premium may result in cancellation of your policy.

You must tell us if you start using your vehicle for business or commercial purposes.

All drivers of the vehicle must be on your policy.

You must keep your address up to date with your broker and insurer.

Contents inside your vehicle are not covered under your auto insurance. These would be covered under a homeowners/tenants/condo policy.

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  • Coverage cannot be bound unless you have spoken to a broker and have confirmation; By providing your personal information you are authorizing a background check
  • BBI strongly recommends $5 Million Liability limit
  • Mid-term cancellations will generate fees
  • It is your responsibility to understand and maintain your policy and coverage

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